‘D7’ (7 Rounds, 7 Minutes of work with 90 Seconds rest in-between) Training aims to improve your aerobic capacity and your cardiovascular endurance, pushing you to your maximum level for 7 minutes followed by your 90 second recovery period. This formula was designed with maximum output for the client in mind, and is utilized similarly by coaches worldwide in different sports to allow their athletes to push their bodies to new levels, whilst maximizing the strength and cardio gains. These 7 minute ‘bursts’ of training followed by a short 90 second ‘cool-down and reset’ period have been proven time and time again to have the best results when it comes to burning fat, growing muscle and improving cardiovascular health. We will make you fitter, leaner and stronger than you have ever been before!


Boxing: Skills and Drills: A class that focuses specifically on boxing techniques, which includes punch combos and padding with a moderate emphasis on fitness. A popular class for those who wish to widen their knowledge and skill in boxing. The duration of the class ranges from 45min - 60min dependant on the time of day. This class is predominantly taken by our professional fighters/trainers who have spent a minimum of 5 years learning the craft. This class tailors towards anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.   

Box Tech: Similar to boxing but instead has a more emphasis on fitness and muscular endurance. The class include short bursts of energy and power, as well as an implementation of team workouts. The trainers who take these classes are experts in mass group exercises and have background in high intensity interval group fitness and endurance training. This class pushes our members to the utmost physical limit with boxing elements.

Personal Trainers: We have a range of well experienced trainers, that come from various different disciplines. You can choose to work with either one, each coming with their own expertise. Come and attend some of our classes and scope out which trainer you would like to help you with your goals and aspirations.  

Corporate Classes: If you seek team building, or just a fun time with workmates then book in for a corporate session. We have great trainers that can take you through team exercises to help build the bond between you and colleagues.