Discipline Performance

Strength and Conditioning | High Intensity Interval Training | Boxing Drills | Functional Movement

Creators of the Strength & Condition Competitions

DISCIPLINE GAMES (Individuals & Teams of 4) & POWER TRIP (Teams of 3 All female or all Male)

Here at Discipline Performance we offer one hour group training classes that incorporates fully functional exercise movements - most of those movements being familiar to all levels of athletes and gym junkies alike, with a number of Discipline Performance created exercises and movements tacked in for good measure. Some of the ‘sport specific’ style exercises we utilize in the session include Boxing, Calisthenics, Strength & Conditioning / Weight training to name a few, with the workouts consistently being varied across seven minutes of ‘work’ with a ninety second ‘rest’ in-between each set - our own version of Strength & Conditioning, High Intensity Interval training we have named ‘D7’